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Read the Epoch Times article of January 2, 2017, profiling RCCNY's concert bridging the works of the legendary poets William Shakespeare and Alexander Pushkin.

Melodiya Magazine (Moscow) profiled the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York and artistic director Nikolai Kachanov, saying “the primary goal of the chorus--to make Russian music known to American audiences and encourage its performance by American choirs--has a meaning beyond just the boundaries of the concert hall.” Read the full article (English | Russian)

Concert Reviews

“Extraordinary: richly imagined and deftly realized.”

- James R. Oestreich, The New York Times

“Wonderfully passionate, heartfelt singing.”

- Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“The suppleness and otherworldliness of [RCCNY's] sound here made the look of the score on the page seem impossibly square and made the secular works in the rest of the program seem all the more mundane.”

- James R. Oestreich, The New York Times

“Well-schooled in the richly aromatic Russian choral style that depends on resonant, velvety, deep bass voices that ripple upward through waves of purely articulated treble voices in consonant harmonies.”

- Willa J. Conrad, The Star-Ledger

“The performance of the Tchaikovsky Liturgy was splendid. The Russian Chamber Chorus of New York, under Nikolai Kachanov, was radiant and sonorous; and the whole Slavonic sound was effective.”

- Paul Griffiths, The New York Times

CD Reviews

Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Peter Tchaikovsky

Here is another underexposed gem of the New York music world in a piece that it has honed beautifully in recent years and now recorded. If you don't know this work-with Rachmaninoff's Vespers, a cornerstone of the transcendent literature of the Russian Orthodox Church-you only think you know Tchaikovsky."

- James R. Oestreich, The New York Times

“This disc is quite simply the best recording of Tchaikovsky’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom to date. It is the first recording that treats Tchaikovsky’s composition for what it is--a through-composed setting of the complete Russian Orthodox DivineLiturgy, intended by the composer for performance in church, however. Accordingly, this recording is the first to include the complete chants of the deacon, rendered with great authenticity and sonorous splendor by Protodeacon Andre Papkov of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery, and the chants of the celebrant, richly and tunefully rendered by tenor Nicholas Denysenko, a graduate of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary. Conductor Nikolai Kachanov, who has directed extensively in Orthodox churches, understands how to render this music in a way that does not conflict with the spirit and character of the Orthodox liturgy, unlike most earlier recordings, which employ a distinctly “secular” approach—overly dramatic and outwardly glamorous, but ultimately lacking in inner depth. The Russian Chamber Chorus, comprised of men’s and women’s voices, sings with the type of transparency and clarity that does justice to this music, which was originally conceived for a chorus of boys and men. In recent years, this non-professional group has grown in stature to a level of excellence that places it alongside some of the best professional church choirs in Russia and elsewhere. The expertly written notes and translations (E only) are accurate and informative. This “Limited Edition” release, not available in most stores, is not to be missed!"

- Vladimir Morosan, Musica Russica

“Conductor Kachanov, a native of Russia, who has lived in New York since 1981, has molded his choral sound well…. Intonation is also fine, and the recording, made in St. John the Divine, contributes no small part into the venture… This new one …can be heartily recommended.”

- Althouse, American Record Guide

“…This disc advances a new idea of completeness….In this performance instead of a succession of "Amen" and "Lord have mercy" from the choir in the litanies, we hear the deacon (a bass) and the celebrant (a tenor), both in excellent voice, intoning the verses and invocations …they [RCCNY] produce a pretty convincing sound…this disc will fill your needs very well.”

- Jerome F. Weber, Fanfare

Vespers & Three Sacred Choruses, Peter Tchaikovsky

“There is none of Tchaikovsky's melancholy or sweeping emotion in his liturgical works. Indeed, he wrote so little sacred music that this recording is worth possessing for that reason alone. Tchaikovsky was spiritually moved by the vespers and the eternal questions of life. In both the vespers and choruses, the composer is more restrained but no less sentimental. The vespers were banned during Tchaikovsky's time as too western and have been mostly neglected since. Here, conductor Kachanov and the chorus bring a luxurious, rich interpretation to the work.”

- Chris Ledbetter, Detroit News and Free Press

“Prior to the appearance of this outstanding disc there have been no worthwhile recordings of this seminal work. The Russian Chamber Chorus of New York continues its high standard of artistic and professional excellence. Their singing is tuneful, well-blended, and has the clarity of texture…. The interpretation displays the director's acquaintance with a liturgically appropriate style…. Everything is 'as it should be.'”

- Vladimir Morosan, Musica Russica

My Heart is Ready, Yuri Yukechev

“It is simply hauntingly beautiful choral music. Yukechev’s writing is quite melodic and contrapuntal, with some elements of minimalism, but for the most part it is representative of Russian choral composers’ preoccupation with sonorous beauty and consonance.… Lovers of beautiful choral music should not miss this recording!”

- Vladimir Morosan, Musica Russica

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