35th Anniversary Celebration

RCCNY at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Presbyterian
20th Anniversary Celebration
35th Anniversary Celebration
20th Anniversary: Yevgeny Kalinin sings solo
35th Anniversary at the Nicholas Roerich Museum
Just before the concert Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
with Adrian Daurov, Alexander Kisilyov and Mikhail Zeiger
RCCNY in 2008
Adrian Daurov, Misha Zeiger and Nikolai
With Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Rehearsing “Color and Sound” program at St. John the Divine
Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Rehearsing at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Rehearsing at the Nicholas Roerich Museum with Misha Zeiger
Performing at the Weill Recital Hall
Getting ready to sing at the Weill Recital Hall
With Alisher Latif-Zade
Rehearsing Morton Feldman’s “Rothko Chapel”
Morton Feldman’s ‘Rothko Chapel”
With Nina Beilina
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