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Under the visionary leadership of Nikolai Kachanov, RCCNY's founder and artistic director, the chorus's repertoire spans centuries and continents and offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore some of the world's best music in a warm and inspiring rehearsal atmosphere. Kachanov teaches singers advanced vocal skills for performing different genres: from early music and classical epics to works never heard before in America to discover the meaning of the music beyond the notes in the score.

Auditions will be held by appointment. Please e-mail auditions@rccny.org.

Wednesday nights from 7-10pm (occasional Mondays). The first rehearsal will be on September 26. Location: Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, between W. 119 and W. 120 Streets. Entrance on Claremont Avenue. By subway: 1 to 116th Street.

Wednesday, November 28 (12:00 noon), 2018: "John of Damascus." This half-hour concert will feature Sergei Taneyev's magisterial cantata, for chorus and organ.

Thursday, February 21 (7:30) and Sunday, February 24 (3:00), 2019: "Tchaikovsky and his Contemporaries." This program will feature the legendary Piotr Tchaikovsky and Sergei Rachmaninoff, and also some of their contemporaries who are revered in Russia but not as well known in America, such as Anton Arensky and Sergei Taneyev.

Thursday, June 6 and Sunday, June 9, 2019: RCCNY will perform "Morning Birds," for chorus, cello and flute, a world premiere by distinguished Moscow composer Efrem Podgaits; and "Color and Sound," American composer Morton Feldman's masterpiece "Rothko Chapel" for chorus, viola and percussion.

We are looking for singers with excellent intonation, sight-reading and advanced vocal skills who are looking to stretch themselves vocally and artistically. RUSSIAN IS NOT REQUIRED because transliterations are provided.

"After singing with numerous groups in the city, I have finally found a group to call home. RCCNY is a weekly meditation in beauty and sound. The depth of creative intention in the timber and phrasing of each line shaped by Nikolai Kachanov make this group an honor to sing with and a pleasure to hear. Many friends ask me why I chose to sing with the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York when I do not speak Russian. I tell them that music is the universal language of the human spirit and that you do not need to be a Russian speaker to appreciate, as I do, what this group has to offer: a musically challenging and highly rewarding choral experience that is grounded in professionalism and mutual respect. Rehearsals with RCCNY have made me a better singer."

- A.A., soprano

"RCCNY is the most untraditional choir, perhaps the best kept secret in New York, yet to be discovered by singers who appreciate a high level of musicianship and seek passionate music making in a smaller group."

- T.K., soprano

"The group is versatile, the music is challenging, the standards are high, and each rehearsal is like a little voice lesson. What keeps me coming back each year is that I know I'll be asked to stretch myself vocally, intellectually, and artistically."

- E.M., alto

"The amazing variety within the Russian-language repertoire -- the great tradition of liturgical compositions, the folk-based works, and the fascinating modern composers -- has opened a wonderful new musical world to me."

- J.G., soprano

"Rehearsals with Nikolai Kachanov are like weekly medicine for the soul. They have expanded my appreciation of choral music and raised my awareness of preparing for highly polished performances of a very diverse repertoire for a Russian - American choir."

- N.M., baritone since 1984


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