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Thank you for your interest in the RUSSIAN CHAMBER CHORUS OF NEW YORK! We look forward to many more years of performing and recording some of the world's best-loved Russian works, as well as rarely-heard gems from contemporary and underexposed Russian composers. We appreciate your support!

A tax receipt will be sent to you for your records. RMASA is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible. Your personal information will not be shared outside RCCNY.

Donor Categories

Lel': $25

Mythical player of the svirel (Russian flute) and son of Lada, the Slavic goddess of love

- Recognition in concert programs

Ilya Muromets: $50

A legendary hero of Russian folklore

- Recognition in concert programs

Sadko: $100

Mythical Russian singer who possessed magic powers of beautiful singing

The above, plus:

- One complimentary CD recording from the RCCNY library

Vassilisa the Beautiful: $250

One of the most beloved images in Russian fairy tales

The above, plus:

- Two complimentary concert tickets per year

Firebird: $500

A magical glowing bird in Russian fairy tales

The above, plus:

- Invitation to a private dinner with Artistic Director Nikolai Kachanov

- Two complimentary tickets to each concert in the regular season

Troika: $1,000 and Above

A Russian carriage drawn by three horses

The above, plus:

- Invitation to serve on RCCNY's Auxiliary Board Committee

To donate by mail, please make checks payable to RMASA and mail to:

       731 West 183rd Street, Suite 3-I
       New York, NY 10033.

Home About the Chorus Concert Schedule Auditions Watch & Listen Donate Contact Us

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