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Dear Friends of RCCNY!

We are deeply grateful for your loyal support and devotion to the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York. For 35 years RCCNY has been one of the leading ambassadors of the Russian creative spirit in America. The Chorus's enormous repertoire spanned the centuries, performing practically all genres of Russian choral music -- from simple village songs to world premieres by contemporary composers while the Chorus received recognition from leading musicians and the press.

Sadly, there are a number of reasons we had to make the difficult decision that RCCNY's 35th Anniversary year would be its last concert year. Meanwhile, we will keep RCCNY's website live with the archival materials. In fact, we will be updating the "Watch and Listen" page (go to www.rccny.org and click "Watch and Listen") with videos from past concert recordings. Please visit it to hear your favorite music. We will always be proud of the Chorus's great accomplishments!

Although we will miss our rewarding musical explorations with RCCNY, please know that we remain an active part of the musical life of New York. Our work to celebrate the rich heritage of Russian choral music continues with the Nikolai Kachanov Singers, RCCNY's sister performing group, which gave its inaugural performances in 2015. This ensemble faithfully serves the Muse by continuing musical journeys through the history and geography of choral music, as did RCCNY. There is so much more to explore across the globe!

You may find information about our future concerts at the new NKS website at www.kachanovsingers.org or on Facebook: @nikolaikachanovsingers. And, go straight to the NKS YouTube channel to enjoy beautiful music: https://tinyurl.com/y7gfhqnj.

We invite you to join the Nikolai Kachanov Singers program "Heavenly Sparks, Earthly Voices", in May 2020. This original program will stretch our imagination into the starry heavens, and will include music from Latvia, Russia, and America.

Please stay in touch to hear our future concerts. Once again, the NKS website: www.kachanovsingers.org.

Nikolai and Tamara




February: Tchaikovsky and His Contemporaries
June: Color and Sound



January: Russian Christmas: Old and New
January: Russian Winter Gala
May-June: Muses of the Night
November: John of Damascus



January: Shakespeare and Pushkin in Choral Music
June: Stories Spoken and Unspoken: Vocalises and Folk Songs



January: Holiday Splendor from Russia and Ukraine
June: Russia and Its Neighbors III: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania



January: 30th Anniversary Jubilee
June: Currents of Jewish Classical Tradition: America, Israel and Russia



January: Spirit of Old Russia II
May-June: Eternal Flame: A Choral Memorial



January: Rachmaninoff: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
April: Rachmaninoff 140th Birthday Celebration: Sacred and Secular



Music Without Borders - Russia and Beyond: Armenia and Georgia
Tchaikovsky and his Contemporaries
Special Appearance: RCCNY Sings Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (part of "Booked for the Evening" at Princeton)



Russia and Beyond: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Tuva
Tchaikovsky and His Contemporaries (part of Carnegie Hall's "Neighborhood Concerts" series)
Reflections: Ten Years Later



May: Sacred Music in the Soviet Era
December: The Spirit of Old Russia



March: Parallels and Crossings III: Sacred and Earthly Love
June: A Celebration of Russian Folk Song
December: Russian Treasures: Highlights From Our 25-Year History



February: Development of the Russian Sacred Concerto
June: Sunset, Night, Sunrise
June: Stars of the Kirov in Celebration of Russia Day
December: Winter Light



May: Parallels and Crossings II, Music by Russian, Hungarian, Baltic, French, and American Composers
November: Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky" with St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra
December: Joy and Radiance from Russia and Ukraine



January: Beethoven's Ninth for South Asia
March: Parallels and Crossings I
June: Médée by Cherubini (at Carnegie Hall)
December: Jewels of Russian Liturgical Music



March: Chaliapin and Rachmaninoff: A Celebration of their Friendship
April: Mahler: Symphony No. 2 (with Valery Gergiev and the Kirov Orchestra)
September: The Guggenheim Museum
December: Winter Celebration of Sacred and Folk Music



March: Mystical Journey
June: Agamemnon
July: The Veil of the Temple
December: A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration



February: Music and Dictatorship - Russia under Stalin
May/June: A Mystical Journey
November: The Celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the City of St. Petersburg



May: Moscow, New York, Jerusalem -- A Wish for Peace from Three Cities
May: Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture (with the Princeton Symphony Orchestra)
March: Liturgical Music of Alexei Haieff and Others
December: A Russian Christmas



January: The Spiritual Tchaikovsky
April: My Heart is Ready
June: Liturgica Domestica (Gretchaninov)
December: All Night Vigil (Rachmaninoff)


January 21: Re-Encountering Rachmaninoff (New Jersey Symphony, Voices of Rachmaninoff), Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

June 11: Carnegie Hall, Mikis Theodorakis, Electra, MidAmerica Productions

November 30: "Winter Celebration of Slavic Liturgical and Folk Music: Gretchaninoff, Stravinsky, Blyakher, Traditional" (also December 3 & 6)


February 14: Elysium Chamber Music Series of Upper Montclair: Tavener, Hymn to Athena; Svyati

April 21: "New Sacred Music: Copytsko, Tavener, Part, Bajoras" (also May 2 & 5)

December 1, 4 & 5: Tchaikovsky, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom


May 27: Russian Giants of the 19th & 20th Centures: Tchaikovsky and Sviridov

August 16: Bard Music Festival: Tchaikovsky and his World, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom


May 7: Concert at Harvard Club

June 14: American Russian Youth Orchestra, Tanglewood: Moscow, Coronation Cantata for Czar Alexander III

September 27: Concert at Simon's Rock College of Bard

September 23: Carnegie Hall, "America Salutes Moscow" (Gala Celebration of the 850th Anniversary of the City of Moscow)

November 10: Carnegie Hall, "Moscow Virtuosi"

December 4, 14 & 15: "Festival of Sacred Song" (Kastalsky, Bortniansky, Tolstiakov, Nikolsky and others)


December 12, 14 &19: Tchaikovsky, Vespers


December 17: "By Special Request" : Favorite Selections from the Repertoire (Early Liturgical Chants and Choral Music by Russian Masters) (also Jan 17 & 19, 1996)


December 18: "Ten Year Jubilee Concert" (also January 13 & 20, 1995)

May 20 & 26: "Early, Traditional and New Music by Slavic Composers"


June 24: "Choral Music of Sergei Taneyev"

October 1: "Tracing the Development of Russian Liturgical Music"

October 9: Hofstra Cultural Center: "An Afternoon with Tchaikovsky"

October 24: Three Saints Music Society: "Gala Opening Concert in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Tchaikovsky and the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Rachmaninoff"

December 17 & 19: "Honoring the Memory of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff" (also January 9, 1994)


May 3: St. Marks Music Series (Mt. Kisco): "Composers from the 12th through the 20th Centuries"

May 31: Ussachevsky Festival I (Cathedral of St. John the Divine)

June 7: Ussachevsky Festival II (Cathedral of St. John the Divine)

December 20: Tchaikovsky: Vespers


March 5: Miller Theater: "An Evening of Music, Dance and Images" (Ussachevsky Psalm XXIV performed by RCCNY)

April 19: Manhattanville College: "Sacred, Classical and Folk Music"

April 28: Sunday Afternoon at the Temple: Congregation Emanu-El (Bortnyansky, Tchaikovsky, Ippolitov-Ivanov & Ussachevsky performed by RCCNY)


December 19: Winter Garden: "Festival of Light and Sound"

June 28: "Russian Sacred Music of the 17-18th Centuries, and Contemporary Works"


March 19: Cathedral of St. John the Divine: Alexei Haieff, Holy Week

May 3: "Russian Sacred Music and Choral Miniatures" (benefit for Nicholas Roerich Museum)

December 19: World Financial Center, Festival of Light and Sound, "Sacred Music of the 11th to 20th Centuries"


May 8: McGill University, Montreal: "Millennium of Christianity in Russia"

May 28: "Russian Choral Music from the Early Centuries to the Present"

May 22: "Concert of Sacred Music Honoring 1000 Years of Christianity in Russia" (also Sept 17, Nov 6)


May 28: "Russisan Choral Music from the Early Centuries to the Present"

May 31: Carnegie Hall: Tchaikovsky, Ode to Joy

October 14: Concert of Russian Choral Music, including Taneyev's John of Damascus

November 1: Concert with the Rockland Suburban Symphony Orchestra

December 18: New York Open Center: "Excerpts from Ancient Vespers and Liturgy by Anonymous Composers of the 11th - 17th Century"


April 20: "Benefit Concert of Russian Sacred Music" for Belltower Building Fund, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY

April 22: Three Saints Russian Orthodox CHurch, Garfield, NJ: "Russian Sacred Music from the Early Centuries to the Present"

May 18: Sanders Theater, Cambridge, Mass.: "Russian Sacred Music from the Early Centuries to the Present"


May 4: Church of the Ascension and St. Agnes, Washington D.C., "Russian Sacred Music from the Early Centuries to the Present"

December 6: St. Ann's Nyack, "Russian Sacred Music"

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